Our clients expect cer­tain­ty, trust, exper­tise, dis­cre­tion and cus­tomised solutions.

Our spe­cial­i­ties include:

  • prepa­ra­tion of con­sol­i­dat­ed finan­cial state­ment in accor­dance with the IFRS/Notes
  • Super­vi­sion of audits
  • Draft­ing expert reports on all issues rel­e­vant to the annu­al finan­cial state­ment, and in accor­dance with the IFRS or US‑GAAP
  • Enter­prise val­ue appraisals
  • Work­shops

These sem­i­nars are organ­ised via the IKR, and can also be arranged in the form of in-house train­ing events.